All about Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud History

At one point of time, Seven Card Stud poker was the most preferred poker variant in all the poker rooms everywhere, until the game of poker witnessed an amazing explosion in its popularity during the modern era. Although the great excitement and interest surrounding no limit Texas Hold ‘em poker sent Seven Card Stud poker into the background, the game definitely has an impressive past and continues to be referred to as one of the most entertaining and conventional forms of poker.

Even though the exact origins of Seven Card Stud poker cannot be pinned down with precision, we’ve done our share of online and off-line research to come up with the most appropriate account of this great card game’s history. Whatever anyone may say, we can safely assume that Seven Card Stud poker is by far the oldest variant of Stud poker. Razz and Stud Hi Lo are newer compared to Seven Card Stud.

Persian and European influences
We cannot avoid delving into the history of poker per se if we want to uncover the history of Seven Card Stud poker. The game of poker is most likely to have originated from two different places. Many people consider that the word poker has its origins in a French game known as ‘Poque,’ although the nature of Poque is quite different from poker.
Poker is also closely related to a popular Persian game called Nas, especially in its actual structure and play. It’s believed that the modern-day poker is a combination of these two popular games of Persian and French origins. Furthermore, even though the roots of poker may be in Europe or other places, the modern-day variants of poker, including the likes of Seven Card Stud poker were mostly developed in America.

History of Seven Card Stud
The game of poker gained huge popularity during the 1830s in the United States when it used to be commonly played on the river boats of New Orleans. It was also regularly used by certain elements for deceiving innocent tourists. This is another probable way in which poker got its name, as the tourists indulging in gambling activity used to be called ‘pokes’ back in those times.
However, it was only during the middle and later 1800s, around the time when America was witnessing a Civil War that Seven Card Stud and other variants of Stud poker started gaining huge popularity. Although many believe that Seven Card Stud poker originated in some Midwestern region of America, no one has managed to pinpoint its exact place of origin. United States military is usually credited with how Seven Card Stud and other variants of poker spread throughout the world. At one point of time, poker was the only game played by American military and was particularly popular among the American navy soldiers.
It experienced exponential growth and popularity during the 1900s, and became the game of choice for a large majority of Americans in general. Almost everyone was playing poker in their home gatherings at that time. It clearly emerged as the most prominent game in home environments as well as in American casinos. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s, around the time when Texas Hold ‘em poker gained stupendous popularity that Seven Card Stud poker lost its position as the most favourite card game of all casino card game players.
Although Omaha poker and Texas Hold ‘em poker have replaced Seven Card Stud poker in all major casinos, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy Seven Card Stud poker in these establishments. It’s still the go-to poker game for a good majority of older poker players. In fact, Seven Card Stud poker has sort of comeback in vogue and can be found in almost every off-line and online casino card room in the modern era.